Greetings and a warm welcome to our new issue of quarterly online journal !

The idea behind the Journal is to spread the innovative ideas regarding worldwide. This Journal would try to pen down the new dimensions of English language and literature teaching which can help the teachers and students. The potential contributors are supposed to contribute to inculcate the constructive teaching and learning process through their research papers. The contributions have come in not only from India but also from very renowned institutions globally as well. We have also created some entirely new sections.

I would like to thank all the editorial team members, reviewers and initial team which have helped in making this journal a possibility. We hope that the research element here sets up many new milestones. We have had an overwhelming and awesome response from some very eminent Editors and researchers internationally to support as Editorial Team. I look forward to make this endeavor very meaningful and thought-provoking. Very warm thanks to associate editors and co-editors to provide an opportunity to make this journal a reality.

We are honored to share the work of so many committed and thoughtful people across the globe. Please visit the PreviousIssues and Current Issue page to see the wonderful contributors and read their thoughts on English Literature, Language, Criticism, Education, Humanities and Culture . We hope while reading these articles you will be opening many vistas of discussions and enjoy the new journey for some positive constructivism. Your precious feedback and suggestions are always welcome at [email protected] The journal is licenced by CC BY .


Dr. Prashant Mothe